Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Wizard of Apps

This video is a copy cat of the Wizard of Oz. It uses a girl imitating the character of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and she looking for various computer applications. She first makes a stop looking for digital citizenship applications. Here she finds all types of apps where you can find information about different people. She then goes on to find applications that protect copyright material, and she finds some applications that help you put together works cited pages, like BibMe. Then she found some applications that help you search the web. She finds apps that help you gather more information, thus increasing your information fluency. She then talks about creativity and innovation, she even shows voicethread. Voicethread is an app that I am familiar with now because of this class. The next thing she found was collaboration and communication. She finds sites like diigo in this part.
I have used some of these applications before, and visited some of the apps I was not familiar with. I visited the BibMe site and liked it. I will utilize it to help me with writing papers.
The link to this video is:

You can view this video here:

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