Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Orientation Using Second Life

Second Life is a video game where you create avatars to communicate with other people. This is being used to do orientations for businesses, and also some schools are using them as well. I think that this could take away from the person to person contact. I feel that people should be talking to each other one on one instead of using a computer system to represent themselves. You can see this video at:


  1. I understand your viewpoint that by using programs like "Second Life," people will use these more as a means of communication rather than speaking in person. However, people are going to have to communication in person regardless.

  2. When you compare how little time we get to spend in class interacting, and the large amounts of time outside of class where we can potentially meet, discuss, learn and share, it's BIG. I'd encourage you to be open to the idea of learning outside the traditional classroom, and virtual worlds like Second Life can provide engaging places for that learning.