Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Technology Whiz Kid

In this video about a young boy who is very technologically advanced, Cameron showcases his skills. He is nine years old and is interested in technology. He learns at a rapid pace, and very often is teaching others as he learns something new. Sometimes he even needs to teach a certain subject to his teachers, or inform them of a new skill he has learned. What I took away from this video is the fact that this generation of young children are learning at a rapid pace. They are eager and ready to learn all about this world, and are well equipped to do so. In the case of Cameron teaching his teachers different technological skills, I believe that many children are well versed to teach skills to adults. I think we need to have an open mind to learn from our students as well as us teaching them. In my own experience, I have found many times that children I interact with are teaching me something. I am not the best with technology and often will need to ask for help with certain things. I have many times asked for help from someone younger than me. We can always learn from children.



  1. Good job sharing this link. We definitely need to remain "teachable" as teachers and open to the expertise of our students. Gen Yes is a project which helps schools and educators do this.