Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Incorporating Technology into the Classroom

This video showed how far teachers and students have come using technology. The teacher in this video used online activities and videos to teach the class. She was able to teach using technology throughout the day. I am so impressed with this video because the children were engaged and learning throughout. Some of these students are more technologically advanced than adults! I learned that technology can enhance a students' learning experience, no matter how young. This video is available to view at http://k12online.ning.com/profile/RachelBoyd

This classroom was very different from the classes I grew up in. We did not have near the amount of technology, nor was it incorporated into our daily routines. It is amazing how far we have come in education in such a short time! I would like to say I will have this type of learning as a resource available to me when I become a teacher.

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